Sea Doo RS1 Sea Scooter Review

Need to know more about the Sea Doo RS1? Take a look at our review as we go into detail on the popular dive scooter.

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Going underwater and exploring is one of the most exciting pastimes as you enter a world that is so different to land and see sights that will amaze and inspire you.

Many divers will tell you of their addiction to the water and the need to explore new areas in every spare minute that they have.

When you decide to get a new sea scooter, it is important to know what is out there so that you end up with the best equipment for your needs.

Our review is designed to help you make that choice, and we hope you find it a useful part of your journey to getting a sea scooter.

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Sea Doo RS1 Review

Sea Doo is a company with international reach and makes many types of equipment for the water.

Their sea scooters are not only serious fun but offer people the opportunity to explore underwater without depleting all their energy through swimming and diving.

Take a look at our review for the Sea Doo RS1 and see how they have made this amazing piece of kit available to divers all over the world.


This is a speed demon and will take you up to 3.75 mph when in the open water, with some users reporting a top speed of 4.35mph in the right conditions.

This speed is more than just special, it’s virtually unheard of when it comes to sea scooters, and Sea Doo has put a lot of effort into producing such an effective model.

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Battery Life

The battery is a Class 1 Lithium-Ion and takes around five hours to fully charge. When charged up, you can expect it to run for an hour and a half out on the open water, giving you plenty of time to explore before needing to recharge.

You can choose to buy a spare so that you always have a battery ready as the charge time will stop you from getting back out quickly.

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Usable Depth

When it comes to diving depth, the Sea Doo RS1 has a depth rating of a massive 130ft and has been tested up to 160ft. This depth is great for diving enthusiasts who will be shocked at the power that this sea scooter holds.


It weighs 20.5 lbs. and that weigh includes the battery. Whilst it is not the lightest model on the market, it is still light enough to be handled by one person and is easy to maneuver when you get to the water.

Camera Mount

If you own a GoPro, then you will be pleased to know that it comes with a GoPro mount as standard. All you need to do it hook it up and screw it in so that you are able to film and photograph your diving adventures ready to look at later.

Sea Doo RS1 dive scooter


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Safety Features

When it comes to safety, Sea Doo doesn’t mess around! With integrated ballast space, you will be able to get your buoyancy levels perfect; stabilizing fins will help you head straight to your goal every time and in-built down force spoiler will help you to avoid upward skidding when you want to go faster.

The battery is both safe to use but also environmentally friendly, and you will be able to dive with confidence, knowing that it is housed safely in a waterproof case.

There is also a dashboard that will help you know what settings you are on so that you can shift up or down through the three-speed settings on offer.

Sea Doo RS1 diving scooter

Who Is It for?

This sea scooter is made for competent divers over 16 years of age as the machine is incredibly powerful and can be too much for novices to handle.

It’s excellent safety features make it the perfect choice for anyone that loves to be underwater, and they will thank you for a device that can take them places even faster than ever before.

Where Can It Be Used?

The reality of this sea scooter is that it has been made for divers to use in the sea. However, there is nothing stopping you from taking to lakes and rivers and even in pools if you want to explore or just have a bit of fun with friends.

Wherever you decide to use it, you will need to ensure that you clean it thoroughly after use and rinse it with fresh water to avoid any salt build-ups that can potentially be harmful to the machine.

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Pros and Cons

The Sea Doo RS1 has a range of positive points and a few negatives that are worth your consideration. To make it easy, we have listed them below:


  • Three-speed settings so that you can go faster than ever before
  • Extended safety features so that it won’t ever fail on you when you are deep underwater
  • A depth rating of 130ft so you can explore more than ever before
  • Camera mount to attach your device for recording what you see
  • An environmentally friendly battery that will allow you one and a half hours in the water
  • It comes with optional lighting mounts that can help lead the way when it gets darker underwater
  • You can use it in lakes, pools, rivers and the sea; for fun or diving.


  • 5-hour recharge time on the battery
  • Slightly heavier than other versions
  • Is pricey compared to other models due to the more powerful engine

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In summary, the Sea Doo RS1 is an exceptional piece of kit that will leave you keen to stay underwater for as long as possible. Its sleek design, speed settings, and safety features all join together to offer you the best in sea scooters.

You can look forward to diving to new depths and then sharing all your adventures with friends when you go through your photos and videos.

This sea scooter promises to take you further and faster than ever before, and we think it is fantastic and great value for money!
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