2017 Yamaha VX Deluxe Review

2017 Yamaha VX Deluxe Review

Yamaha’s 2017 VX Deluxe is a member of their recreational wave runner line up. This year they managed to stuff even more advanced features into this watercraft while still giving it a moderate price tag of $10,299. The VX Deluxe is a top pick for families, first time buyers, and even experienced riders. This review is going to walk though all of the important features of the Yamaha VX Deluxe and mention some of the drawbacks as well.

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Yamaha’s VX Deluxe is a step up from the basic VX, which is their entry level wave runner. Although they share many of the same features, the VX is missing some of the bells and whistles that come standard on the VX Deluxe.

On top of being fitted with Yamaha’s new TR-1 engine, the 2017 VX Deluxe has been upgraded with advanced tech features like RiDE and Cruise Assist. Comfortable seating for 3 makes it a great tow vehicle for watersports.


The VX Deluxe is classified as a recreational waverunner but it has a comfortable ride similar to some luxury jet skis. It’s playful and responsive enough to get a thrill on the water while still providing a smooth ride.

Hull & Deck

2017 Yamaha VX Deluxe mats

Surprisingly, the VX Deluxe is the lightest waverunner in the VX line up.

This is partly due to its lightweight NanoXcel hull and deck. All new Yamaha hulls are made from a stronger resin system that uses less material. Their change in design gave their hulls increased acceleration and top speed, better fuel economy, more responsiveness and enhanced handling.

Space on the deck is very generous. A tow hook is on the back of the seat and there’s more than enough room on the rear deck to get set up in a tube. The tow hook is kind of low so it isn’t ideal for wakeboarding or waterskiing but its still doable. Typically a ski pylon would work better but the tow hook definitely gets the job done. A reboarding ladder is on the back of the deck to help with getting on and off.


2017 Yamaha VX Deluxe Seat

Multi-level seating for 3 allows families to enjoy long distance rides without being uncomfortable. Many jet ski’s are marketed as “3 seaters” when in reality fitting 3 grown adults would be very difficult. With elevated rear seating passengers can now see where they’re going without leaning over the side.

Seating accommodates a rear-facing spotter for tow sports with handles on each side of the rear for added support. The actual seat itself is upholstered with a thick marine grade vinyl that holds up well against the elements.


2017 Yamaha VX Deluxe Storage

Storage on the VX Deluxe is unbelievable. The amount of storage space is great for families who need the room for extra gear.

In total, the VX Deluxe has 24.6 gallons (93 L) of storage throughout its three separate compartments.

The front chamber has the most space even though it houses the required fire extinguisher. It can be accessed by lifting a large hatch on the nose of the waverunner. This is where the majority of cargo is typically held.

A small glove box is located right in front of the handlebars. It provides a convenient spot for smaller items that require quick and easy access. This is the ideal spot for storing food and drinks. It even comes with two cup holders are on the inside.

Under the seat is a watertight storage bin for protecting valuables that may get damaged if they get wet.

A dry bag can be used to keep items safe if the watertight storage bin isn’t enough. A good dry bag is recommended in this separate post on essential jet ski accessories.

If you want a jet ski with a little more storate, you should check out the Yamaha VX Cruiser.


2017 VX Deluxe TR-1 Engine

Yamaha is known for their dependable and easily maintained engines. They equipped the VX Deluxe with their brand new high output TR-1 engine. This all new engine is smaller but still more powerful than previous models.

Instead of a classic 4 cylinder 5 valve engine, the TR-1 only has 3 cylinders and 4 valves. The VX Deluxe’s displacement went from 1051cc to 1049cc, but its output actually increased by 12.7%! Adding the TR-1 engine reduced weight and improved efficiency.

In addition to the added power, the new engine has coating to protect against corrosion which is great for people who primarily ride in salt water.

This high powered lightweight engine provides the VX Deluxe with better performance than any previous years.


Two tone Hydro-Turf mats

Yamaha’s Hydro-Turf mats provide excellent grip for bare feet. The mats stay cool to the touch even when exposed to prolong direct sunlight.

RiDE Technology

Yamaha’s new RiDE and Cruise Assist make riding much easier and safer.

RiDE technology is essentially a braking and reverse system controlled by a trigger on the left side of the handlebars. Braking operates similarly to antilock braking systems on cars. It’s designed to brake slowly to ensure riders aren’t thrown over the handlebars. If a rider panics and presses the brake and throttle at the same time, the waverunner automatically slows down. When stopped the “brake” can be pressed to go in reverse. Being able to not only go in reverse but steer in reverse makes docking much easier.

Cruise Assist

Cruise Assist is just cruise control on a jet ski, but it also offers a No Wake mode as well.

When going the desired speed, riders can press a “Set” button to engage the cruise assist. Once engaged, the waverunners speed can be adjusted with up and down arrows. The option to set a specific speed is great for towing someone, or for long distance rides.

Riders have the option to cruise in a “No Wake Mode” to make traveling through no wake zones easier. Pressing and holding the No Wake button for 3 seconds activates 3 “beeps” and the VX Deluxe automatically starts cruising at about 5mph. To disengage, riders simply press the throttle and begin accelerating.

Cruise Assist and No Wake Mode are a big benefit of the VX Deluxe. These capabilities make longer rides much more enjoyable.

Additional Specs

-Length: 131.9” / 3.35 m

-Width: 48″ / 1.22 m

-Height: 47″ / 1.19 m

-Dry Weight: 663 pounds

-Fuel Capacity: 18.5gal

-Storage Capacity: 24.6gal

-Available colors in Black Metallic with Torch Red Metallic or Yacht Blue Metallic with Pure White

-1-3 person riding capacity

-Two tone Hydro-Turf mats

-NanoXcel Ultra-lightweight hull and deck

-Duel Mirrors

An Honest Opinion

This review of the 2017 VX Deluxe has been mostly positive, but there are some drawbacks to note.

The first thing that should be mentions is its price tag. The Vx Deluxe costs $10,299 which isn’t too expensive for the premium features it comes with but there are much cheaper models available. Price aside, there are some smaller problems to look at. It’s tow hook on the rear isn’t very high so some watersports may be a little more difficult, although recreational tubing would be no problem. Some people may find the new reverse feature weird to get used to but in the end most people really enjoy it.

Overall the VX Deluxe is a great family jet ski. Its new engine is light, fuel efficient, responsive, and powerful. The hull design is nimble but still provides a smooth ride in rougher water. All of the new advanced features really make this waverunner seem like its designed for luxury but it still has a recreational feel.

  1. Gotta love a Yamaha!

  2. vx cruiser or vx deluxe?

  3. Vx Deluxe is def one of Yamahas best waverunners imo

  4. I love the new VX’s. I just got one the Thursday before Memorial day. My family used it four straight days and I haven’t found a single thing I don’t like.

  5. We just bought 2 VX Deluxes a few weeks back and absolutely love them, good job Yamaha!

  6. Nice,

    Yamaha is the king of PWC’s, I’ve owned many including my own current ride bought new, a 2011 FX SHO, tomorrow we pick up a left over 16 VX Limited for her she’s excited and pleased they’re both red, and the price was right under 10K.

    • That’s good to hear, it sounds like you got a good deal! Have fun and enjoy them while the summer lasts!

  7. Nice article. Thanks for the read.


  8. Just purchased 2 Yamaha VX cruisers this week and I couldn’t be more pleased with the skis. Loads of fun with plent of power to do all our favorite things on the water. Cruise control and Ride control are great features I use all the time.

  9. Thanks for the info-I just bought a 2017 vx deluxe, It is still at the dealers,will be getting it before May 2018, can’t use it now still tons of snow on the ground. I can’t wait till summer brings water. Thanks again for the review, it gives me the confidence that I did not make a mistake buying a Yamaha VX Deluxe!


  11. Erik Haagensen May 1, 2018 at 2:19 am

    I have 2017 VX Cruiser Limited. I was told it would do 53, but I’ve only hit 40 to 42. The dealership says there is nothing wrong with it, any help?? Anyone with the same sky?

  12. Appreciate the review. Seemed pretty unbiased and made some great points.

  13. Scott Pierstorff May 28, 2019 at 9:21 pm

    Don’t know about the newer ones, but I had a similar problem with my 06 VX Deluxe. It originally did 50MPH, then all of a sudden it would only do 40MPH. The issue is the air cleaner. It is designed to “close up” when it gets wet. This is to protect the engine from inhaling water. What happened to me is we put to much oil in it and it got “wet”. Changed the oil, put in the correct amount and changed the air filter. It does 50mph again. If it simply “turned over” and got wet from water, maybe just changing the air filter will work. Good luck! Scott
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