3 Cheapest Jet Ski Rental Places in San Diego, California

Located on the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is one of the most southern American beaches on the west coast. Due to it’s climate, you can visit San Diego beaches year around. While there are tons of activities and excursions you can choose from, this article will focus on the three cheapest jet ski rental places in San Diego.

Cheapest Jet Ski Rentals in San Diego

The three cheapest jet ski rentals in San Diego are SDAdventures, Luxury Jet Ski Rentals, and Mission Bay SportCenter.

These places rent jet skis ranging from $89 to $105 per 75 minutes. They are also all open year around.


SDAdventures offers the cheapest rates for jet ski rentals in San Diego. On Monday-Fridays, they only charge $89 for a 75 minute rental. On the weekends, the price jumps up to $99 for 75 minutes. They also offer great 2 hour rates, starting at only $168 during weekdays, and then $178 on the weekends.

If you are an early riser, SDAdvenutres also offers a two hour special that starts at 9am and only costs $159 for two hours.

SDAventures also offers some unique perks, including no up front deposit, and your fuel is included. Their fleet consists of the new Yamaha WaveRunners, which are fast and reliable. You must be at least 18 years old and have a drivers license in order to drive the jet ski, and 10 years old to be a passenger. There is a max of two people allowed on each jet ski.

There are a ton of places you can explore with your jet ski in San Diego Bay. This includes Downtown San Diego, Coronado Bridge, and Shelter Island.

You can reserve a jet ski online here.

Luxury Jet Ski Rentals

Another cheap option for jet ski rentals in San Diego is Luxury Jet Ski Rentals. They charge a flat fee of $99 for 75 minutes for weekdays and weekends. A great perk is that they don’t require a security deposit. 

Their fleet consists of new 2022 Sea Doo models that have a top speed of 65 mph. You must be at least 18 years old to drive the jet ski, and 10 years old to be a passenger. If someone in your group isn’t interested in jet skis, they also rent out paddle boards and kayaks. 

You can schedule a jet ski rental here online.

Mission Bay SportCenter

Mission Bay SportCenter also offers cheap jet ski rentals in San Diego. They charge $105 per hour, and their fleet consists of the Yamaha Waverunner VX. The downside is that they charge a 15% fee for gas upon arrival. 

You can reserve a jet ski online here.

One upside is that along with rentals, they also offer jet ski tours. While the pricing isn’t available online, it says that the tour takes you through the pacific ocean and San Diego Bay. It also goes to spots that are known for dolphin and seal sightings, so it could be a great option if you are into wildlife. 

If you are an adrenaline junkie, Mission Bay SportCenter offers an array of services. They offer flyboards and jetpack rentals for as little as $70, which is almost half the price of competitors. They also offer boat and yacht rentals. 

Can you jet ski year around in San Diego?

Yes, you can jet ski year around in San Diego. This is because San Diego enjoys some of the warmest climates in the US, and even during the winter months the average temperature is in the mid to high 60s. Most jet ski rental places in San Diego are also open year around. 

That being said, it is probably still best to wear a jet ski wet suit in the winter if you get cold easily.
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