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Finding the Best 3 Seater Jet Ski

What’s the point of having a jet ski if there isn’t anyone to share the fun with? Sometimes one passenger isn’t enough, and extra room is needed. The best 3 seater jet ski is going to vary depending on the person but this review show cases some models worth looking at.

With so many multi-passenger PWC on the market it can be difficult finding the best 3 seater jet ski that is safe and within your price range. No one wants to sacrifice luxuries even if it means having more people on one jet ski.

Finding a 3 seater jet ski that works well with you is a lot easier than you may think.

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Sea-Doo GTI SE 155

Best 3 seater jet skiSea-Doo specializes in making quality jet ski’s at an affordable price. The goal of the GTI SE 155 was to make a customizable 3 seater jet ski for families with multiple options to suit specific needs. The GTI SE 155 is the bigger brother of the GTI SE 130, so it comes with a little more power. Its 1,494cc Rotax® 1503 NA 4-TEC® engine provides reliable performance in fresh or salt water, increased torque at low RPMs, and outstanding power at all RPM levels and throttle positions.

best 3 person jet ski

The plush seat provides comfort for 3 riders. Its ergonomic design allows for a rear-facing spotter for watersports. On the back of the deck swim platform carpeting has the Sea-Doo logo which is a nice subtle touch. A fold down reboarding step is provided to make getting on and off easier. It basically has everything a good jet ski deck has, and then some more.

best 3 seater jet skibest 3 person jet ski

Advanced features like the iTC (intelligent throttle control system) starts riders in neutral for easier dockside starts. It has an activity-specific touring, sport and ECO modes that can all be set to conform to all riders styes. These smart features make for a much more responsive ride which helps cut the learning curve for beginners. All of these capabilities combined make for one of the safest jet ski models Sea-Doo has made.

The real hype around the GTI SE 155 is the upgrade options available allowing riders to choose what they want. Some of the upgradable feature include but aren’t limited to:

-Retractable Ski Pylon
-Wakeboard Rack
-Depth Finder
-Ski Module
-Top / Average speed / RPM
-Lap Timer
-Ski Tow Eye
-Sea-Doo Speed Tie

These add-ons create an amazing 3 seater jet ski option for anyone looking to pick and choose features. The different options can be geared towards racing, wake boarding and tubing, or even fishing. Sea-Doo’s staring price of $10,999 leaves plenty of room in most family’s budgets to get the add ons they prefer.

Sea-Doo’s website here provides additional specs.

Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO

Best 3 seater jet ski jetskitips

Yamaha’s reputation for building outstandingly reliable motorized vehicles has followed it into the world of watercraft and boating. Many people even consider Yamaha’s the most reliable jet ski’s.

Finding a Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO on the water with over 500 hours on it isn’t uncommon at all.

The FX Cruiser SHO is an easy to maintain 3 seater jet ski, but it still packs a punch with a 0-30mph speed of 1.5 seconds. A classic 1812cc supercharged 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, high output yamaha marine engine tops out around 67mph. Best 3 seater jet ski FX_Cruiser_SHO_White_Seat

One of the aspects that make the FX Cruiser SHO a great 3 seater jet ski is the seat itself. The theater-style 3 person cruiser seat is made with double top stitching to create cozy rides for long lengths of time . Adequate space is provided for all three riders to sit comfortably without sacrificing deck space.


Features on the instrumentation panel include speed, RPM, fuel level with low fuel warning, low oil pressure warning, compass, hour meter and check engine light with self-diagnostic function. Cruise control allows riders to find the perfect towing speed or set to “no wake”. The world’s first dual throttle control system on the handlebars gives riders excellent control over the watercraft and makes backing up or docking easy. An amazing option to set low RPM/security mode with remote access is available for families with children who may want to push limits a little too far. Yamaha did a great job at making the FX Cruise SHO a safe jet ski choice.


All the standard essentials are included such as a two-tone easy to grip hydro turf mats, watertight storage, a reboarding step, and a tow hook.

An additional quick access storage compartment located on the stern helps make up the 33.2 gallons of storage space.

The back deck has adequate room to maneuver around easily.

As the name suggests, the Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO is a great 3 seater jet ski for cruising on the water with friends and family. A retail price of $14,999 isn’t unreasonable for a brand new jet ski thats going to last you as long as a Yamaha.

Yamaha’s website here provides additional specs.

Kawasaki Ultra 310LX

Best 3 seater jet ski

The Ultra 310LX is an upgraded continuation of the Kawasaki Ultra line-up. Kawasaki self diagnosed the Ultra 310LX as the most powerful jet ski in the world, and for good reason. A 1499cc, supercharged and intercooled, 4-stroke engine propels this luxury watercraft through the water at speeds up to 67mph making it among the fastest 3 seater jet ski’s on the market.

Best 3 seater jet ski

Kawasaki’s new heat-resistant 3 passenger seat makes all riders equally comfortable while the 310LX’s deep hull V design slices through choppy water with ease regardless of the speed. Superior Hydroturf striped pattern deck matting makes gripping the deck no problem. The platform on the back of the deck is spacious enough for activities on the water like tubing or wake boarding.

Best 3 seater jet ski

The instrumentation housed in the dash is set up in an easy to read format. There is absolutely no clutter from unnecessary gauges.

A number of features are conveniently displayed such as external water and air temperature, a clock, hour meters, tachometer, and of course the speedometer. An ECO indicator allows riders to track fuel efficiency and adjust their riding accordingly.

A key feature provided is adjustable handle bars and different riding modes to accommodate different riders. The adjustable handle bars are essential for a 3 person jet ski. Many riders stand while riding or sit differently when they have passengers. The versatile handlebars allow riders to change according to their riding situation.

The 310LX is the only jet ski Kawasaki makes with built in JETSOUND audio equipment. Buying jet ski speakers separate isn’t a problem, but it’s a great feature to have included.

A price tag of $17,999 can scare away some buyers, but the amount of lavish options that come standard are hard to count. Kawasaki isn’t known for offering the most affordable jet ski’s, but they are known for making some of the best.

Kawasaki blended practicality, performance and luxury perfectly with the 310LX which is why it is a top contender for the best 3 seater jet ski.

Kawasaki’s website here provides additional specs.

The more the merrier..

In the end its up to each rider to decide for themselves which models offer the features they need.

Some models are better for cruising and other models are designed for tow sports. The best 3 seater jet ski is going to vary according to opinion, but hopefully this list narrowed the search.

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Do you have any of these jet ski’s? What do you think the best 3 seater jet ski is? Let us know in the comment section!

  1. 3 seaters > 2 seaters

  2. Thanks for the post. I just shared it on facebook because I have a few friends who are looking into 3 seaters as well.

  3. Hey which jet ski do you think is best for a family with a young child (5 years old) we’re looking for something easy to learn on and reliable thanks

  4. For me a 3 seater is the only option that makes sense. My wife and I need to be able to bring fit our 7 year old on our jet ski comfortably or else I’d be fine with a 2 seater.

  5. Imo 3 seaters are the way to go. There def not are agile as smaller skis but the extra space is worth it. Ive tried 2 seaters in the past and theyre fun but they always seem to be cramped for me. Just my opinion though.