Best and Cheapest Jet Ski Rental in Montenegro

Montenegro is a hidden gem located in Southeast Europe. Located on the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is home to crystal blue water and beautiful beaches. If you are a thrill seeker and find yourself here, you might be interested in renting a jet ski. This article will cover all of the best jet ski rentals in Montenegro. 

While most of Montenegro is pretty cheap, most of the water sport activities (including jet skis) are pretty expensive. Therefore, it is important that you know the cheapest jet ski rentals before you go.

Best jet ski rentals in Montenegro

The best jet ski rentals in Montenegro are La Bamba, Jet Ski Club Yamaha/Budva, Watersport Centar Jedro, and Rent-a-Jet Ski.

La Bamba-Best jet ski rental in Herceg Novi

jet ski rental herceg novi

If you find yourself in Herceg Novi, the best jet ski rental is La Bamba. It is located at the end of the pier of La Bamba, which is a big beach venue with chairs, music, and a bar. 

I really like that there is a wide range of rental periods for the jet skis. Below is a chart with the pricing. You should know that they only accept cash. 

Duration Price
15 minutes 40 euros
30 minutes 60 euros
1 hour 100 euros

If you are trying to decide how long you want to get a rental, you should view my guide on how long should I rent a jet ski for?

While this place is definitely pretty expensive, I did like that they had the 15 minute option for only 40 euros. That is what I did and felt like it was the best choice. The riding area isn’t too big, so you can see most of it in the 15 minute window. 

They aren’t very strict about the timing, and they let me stay on the jet ski for around 25 minutes without charging you. They allow up to two people per jet ski. 

The day I went there was a fleet of over 10 jet skis, most of them are the Yamaha EX. While I didn’t ask for a specific jet ski, I’m sure they would give you the one you want if you point it out to them. They allow you to make a reservation, and also allow walk up rentals.

There are supposedly other jet ski rental places in Herceg Novi, but they were all closed on the Sunday I was there. 

Jet Ski Club Yamaha/Budva- Best jet ski rental in Budva

The best jet ski rental in Budva is Jet Ski Club Yamaha. They offer 30 minute rentals for 50 euros, and 1 hour 15 minute rentals for 100 euros. They also offer a wide range of other water sports including jet boats, parasailing, tubing, diving, boat rental, paragliding, and water skiing. Below is a list of all the prices.

jet ski rental prices montenegro

There are a lot of cool places in the area that you can explore with your jet ski. I highly recommend checking out Sveti Nikola Island.

The rental is located right on the beach so it is easy to find. You can type this location into google maps to find it: 7RMW+W9X, Budva, Montenegro.

Watersport Centar Jedro- Another good jet ski rental in Budva

Another great spot to rent a jet ski in Budva, Montenegro is Watersport Centar Jedro. They charge 50 euros for 30 minutes, and 100 euros for 70 minutes. They offer other water activities including parasailing, tubing, and water skiing. 

The address is is Šetalište, Bečići 85310, Montenegro. They are located on Bečići Beach, one of the few sand beaches in Montenegro, so it is a cool spot to hang out before or after your rental. 

While I have never rented a jet ski from here, I have heard that the service is very good.

Jet ski rentals in Kotor, Montenegro

Unfortunately, you cannot rent jet skis in Kotor since it is a busy port with tons of boats and cruise ships. However, the nearby town of Tivat does have some jet ski rentals. 

If you want to rent a jet ski in Tivat, I suggest you check out Rent-a-jet ski. They are located at Plaza, Belani, Tivat 85320, Montenegro, and you can reserve a jet ski by calling +38269973737.

If they don’t answer, there are sometimes other places that have jet skis. I suggest you just walk along the beaches in Tivat and ask around at the local beach bars, as they typically have rentals or know who does.

Tips for renting a jet ski in Montenegro

As I mentioned earlier, jet ski rentals in Montenegro are pretty expensive. With that in mind, here are a couple tips to help you find the best jet ski rental in Montenegro.

  • Rentals near big resorts tend to be the most expensive, so try to avoid these
  • If you are staying at a local’s accommodation, ask them if they know anyone who rents jet skis. They might be able to get you a discount or good deal. 
  • Some beaches and bays don’t allow jet skis, so make sure you know the local laws.
  • Since Montenegro has a lot of port towns, it is important to look out for boats when you are out on the water.
  • Make sure you wear a life jacket.
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