Best Jet Ski Cargo Racks

Whether you need to haul a cooler, gas can, or any sort of cargo, it is essential to have a cargo rack for your jet ski. Racks range a lot when it comes to price, size, and installation. Today’s article will focus on the best jet ski cargo racks.

Jet ski cargo racks

The best jet ski cargo racks are the BoatTector Aluminum PWC Cargo Rack, the Aluminum Fishing Rod and Cooler Combo, and the Kool PWC Stuff Jet Ski Cooler Rack.

BoatTector Aluminum PWC Cargo Rack


The BoatTector rack is the best jet ski cargo rack when it comes to size and price. At the time of this writing, you can purchase it on amazon for around $260. 

This rack has a width of 26 inches, and can foot large coolers up to 54 quarts. This is also a great rack if you plan to carry gas cans. Both sides of the cargo racks have pre-drilled holes that you can attach a Rotopax gas holder. These allow you to attach the rotopax gas cans on the side of the rack. 

This cargo rack also has adjustable legs that allow you to lift the rack up to 5 inches off the ground. This is great if you plan on carrying cargo that can’t get wet. 

The only downside of this rack is that it doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes to attach it to your jet ski. Instead, it comes with four straps that you can use to attach the cargo rack firmly to your jet ski. If you are a confident handyman, you can drill this rack into the back of your jet ski using metal clamps. 

The one advantage of attaching a cargo rack with straps is that it can easily be removed. On the other hand, drilled in racks cannot easily be taken off. 

Aluminum Fishing Rod Rack and Cooler Combo- Best for fishing


If you plan on doing any fishing on your jet ski, I recommend this jet ski cargo rack. While it is a little smaller than the BoatTector, it is a little cheaper at $250. This cargo rack comes with 6 different rod holders, and it also has the pre-drilled holes if you want to attach the Rotopax gas can holder. 

This jet ski cargo rack can be attached to the back of your jet ski with straps. To learn about more options, check out the 3 best jet ski fishing racks.

Kool PWC Stuff Jet Ski Cooler Rack- Best for large cargo

It is worth mention the Kool PWC cargo rack, as it can easily be drilled into the back of your jet ski. I prefer drilling the rack compared to straps, as it feels way more secure. This rack also had plates that let you adjust the angle of the rack. 

This rack has a width of 26 inches, which is wide enough to carry 54 quart coolers. This rack also comes with bungee straps that you can use to keep your cargo secured. If you prefer a rack with fishing rods, there is also a Kool PWC model with rod holders. 

If you are looking for a cargo rack to attach to your trailer, you should check out my article on the best jet ski trailer luggage rack.

Rotating jet ski cargo rack 

jet ski cargo rack on side

There is a new jet ski cargo rack by OrcaPak that is truly one of a kind. This cargo rack swings to the side, which is perfect if you plan on doing water sports with your jet ski. The rack can be pushed completely to the side to allow someone to jump on the jet ski from the boarding step

The rack itself can hold coolers up to 52 quarts. Unfortunately, they don’t have a price listed for the rack. However, you can visit their site and fill out an interest form to get a quote.
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