The Best Stand Up Jet Ski

Stand Up Jet Ski

On the hunt for a decent stand-up PWC? We make your life a little easier with our guide to what's on the market right now. Searching for the perfect stand up jet ski can be a tough task. ...

The Best Jet Ski For Beginners

Jet Ski's for beginners

Getting into the world of PWC (personal watercraft) can be difficult because there are so many options to choose from. Ultimately the best jet ski for beginners is going to vary from person ...

Yamaha EX Review

Yamaha EX Review

In 2017, the all new Yamaha EX series was announced. The EX series consists of 3 models: EX, EX Deluxe, and EX Sport. These 3 models are Yamaha's first set of recreation-lite waverunners. A ...

Sea Doo VS Yamaha VS Kawasaki

Sea Doo Vs Yamaha Vs Kawasaki

The SeaDoo VS Yamaha VS Kawasaki debate has been around for years. It can be hard for many beginners to make up their mind when all sides are so biased. This review is not intended to sway ...

The Best 3 Seater Jet Ski

Jet Ski's for beginners

Finding the Best 3 Seater Jet Ski What's the point of having a jet ski if there isn't anyone to share the fun with? Sometimes one passenger isn't enough, and extra room is needed. The best 3 ...